To place an order, product queries or just to shoot the breeze:

Call: (702) 254-9475
Hours: 11am to 5pm Wed - Fri, 11am to 4pm Sat— Mail order-leave message - will call back

Order desk: (800) 513-7679 Access Code 60 Orders Only Please

We'll be glad to take your order 8am to 8pm Pacific time(store hours 11am to 5pm Tuesday thru Saturday)

Shipping :

One car $4.95 to $8.25 depending on postal zone 
Two cars up to $9 depending on postal zip code  

Three cars up to $12.80 depending on postal zip-code  
Engines and sets go UPS  
Up to 5lbs by Priority Mail 
Over 5lbs  by UPS


$1.75 for up to $50.00 value 
$2.20 for up to $100.00 value

Accepted for immediate shipping or send a money order 

Payment by personal check will delay shipping for one week(unless you are member of LCCA or TCA).