1001H 40ft UP boxcar $9.95
1002T Illinois Central Steel boxcar $9.95
1021G Bildgewater Bourbon woodside boxcar $9.95
1021K 40ft Foe-nee Baloney woodside boxcar $9.95
1051C 40ft Railway Express Reefer $9.95
1251F Burlington Northern Baywindow caboose $9.95
1251H B&O Baywindow caboose $9.95
1251K C&O Baywindow caboose $9.95
1251R Milwaukee Road Baywindow caboose $9.95
1451Y 50ft Union Pacific panel door boxcar $9.95
1452D 50ft Rock Island boxcar $9.95
2091C Erie-Lackawanna PB-1 Dummy - $9.95
2091E Baltimore and Ohio PB-1 Dummy - $9.95
2104 Great Northern PA-1 (Empire Builder) Dummy - $9.95
2311K Southern Pacific (Black Widow) F3A Dummy -$9.95

all the above equipped with Rapido couplers unless otherwise noted!